14 April 2011

Milwaukee Day!

HOLY CATS! 2 POSTS IN 8 DAYS!!! Who am I and what have I done with the real Lars??

Anyway. Today is 4/14 - Milwaukee Day! A month after Pi day, some creative folks have gotten together to celebrate our great city. It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Milwaukee proper and all good things that come with it, so naturally I was thrilled when this popped up on my Twitter feed last night and today. I spent a fair amount of time at work today checking up on the hash tag for all the reasons to love Milwaukee, and cracked up at plenty of them as well.

Aside from all of the beer and amazing food, one of the things I love the most about this city is the passion that my fellow residents share for the 414. It really does make the November-like weather we've been having lately a lot more bearable when you know that there are hundreds (if not thousands) of peeps out there who don't want to be any place else on the planet.

Fun fact: I was born in the 414, but not in Milwaukee. Up until 1997 my dear hometown of K-hole was covered by the 414 as well. For a history of the 414 area code, click here. For a fun story about a Milwaukee-based Boy Scout computer hacker gang from 1983, click here. You can't make this stuff up! (who knew they had hackers in the 80s??)

So, in other news, I got a couch! Thanks to Brian, who is moving to MN and looking to lighten his moving truck. Now I need a TV.... Where's a good place to buy a TV? As I pointed out to my coworkers today, I'm not a dude, I don't play video games, and the only sport I watch is baseball, so there's really no need for me to have a state-of-the-art super duper thinger with all the bells and whistles. My main requirement is that it has a VGA input so I can plug in my computer and stream The Daily Show on the big screen. Who doesn't want to see Jon Stewart on demand?? No one I can think of. Also, does anyone want my old tube TV? can I donate it to someone somewhere?

Hmmm, what else? I just updated this thing a week ago so I can't really say there's much new. I baked Banana Bars for work tomorrow, with cream cheese buttercream frosting. I'm looking forward to eating at least a third of the pan... yum.

Ok, that's all I've got for now, it's time for bed. I was absolutely spent at work today. I barely made it through the afternoon!

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