06 April 2011

I'm becoming one of THOSE people

I realized today that I'm pretty sure I'm one of THOSE people. I discussed hyper-local elections (alderman, anyone?), I only listen to NPR or occasionally 88.9 in my car, and instead of sitting back and letting my brain turn to mush with another episode of The Middle, I instead choose to watch BBC News followed by Nightly Business Report on PBS. (Of course, I will be switching to Criminal Minds when all of this newsy-nonsense is done.)

I never thought I'd end up here. My mind is absolutely fried every day from work and yet I'd rather watch news and form opinions on it than turn on some stupid sitcom! 10-years-ago Lars would not recognize me.

So... what's new. Opening Day was a glorious shit show. Unfortunately they lost, but really, I'll take the 0-4 start because Yo had an absolutely STELLAR game to bring us our first win last night. I'm looking forward to our first game in our "regular" 9-pack seats on Friday, and to meeting up with the old gang.

After much bothering from a friend, I finally listened to Gayngs. They're... interesting. I think I could actually really get into them. They have a great interesting sound. One song, The Last Prom on Earth sounds like someone revisited their Boyz II Men tapes. I know that actually sounds quite horrible, but give the whole disc a listen, and we can discuss. (I think that's the first music review I've ever done on this blog...)

In other news, I need a couch. Why, do you ask? Cuz I'm moving. 50 feet. That's right, I'm getting a new (bigger) apartment in my same building, starting June 1. So I need a couch. Anybody know of a good place to get a couch? I also seem to recall a discussion of moving (I mean pushing stuff down the hall) and something about bikini tops and mai tai's. That may have been decided at Opening Day. Look for details of a housewarming party.... after I get a couch.

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