17 September 2009

Milwaukee Film Festival Staff Picks

As some of you may know, my most recent gig is that of Volunteer Coordinator for the Milwaukee Film Festival. As such, I was quite excited when I was assigned awarded the opportunity to make my staff picks for the films I hope to see. Here they are again, for your reading pleasure:

Art & Copy
Saturday, Sept 26, 5:15pm | North Shore Cinema
Tuesday, Sept 29, 5:30pm | Oriental Theatre
USA | 2008 | 89 min | English

I am always intrigued by the stories of people behind the 'big' things we see in our society - the architect of a building, the leader of a company or the creator of a campaign. As a media studies junkie, I'm looking forward to seeing Art & Copy to hear the stories of the advertisers who have shaped our society and to learn about the hurdles that were overcome in the process.

The House of the Devil
Friday, Sept 25, Midnight | Oriental Theatre
Tuesday, Sept 29, 9:30pm | North Shore Cinema
USA | 2009 | 93 min | English

I'm not normally one for horror flicks, but I think it's healthy for everyone to get scared senseless every now and again. I'll be at the Midnight showing, and probably won't get a wink of sleep that night.

Friday, Sept 25, 10:00pm | Oriental Theatre
Tuesday, Sept 29, 7:15pm | North Shore Cinema
UK | 2009 | 92 min | English

Having known nothing about this film, I was initially drawn to it by this image - Bronson, looking through a window with a joyful smile on his face. I thought it seemed like a really sweet, uplifting movie - until I read the synopsis - which then made me even more excited to see it, in one of those I-watch-way-too-much-CSI sort of ways.

So, folks, there you have it. In a shameless-self-promotion sort of way, I still need Volunteers! You can get a free t-shirt AND spend quality time with yours truly! Click here to sign up.

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