21 June 2009

Friday Night

So on Friday night, at about 11:00 PM, I'm walking through the Red Light District in Amsterdam, which is quite an interesting mix of tourists wandering around trying to see working girls and interesting-looking guys trying to cut a deal with the working girls (supposedly the going rate is 50-80 Euro for 15 mins).

Anyway, we turn down another pedestrian street with a kebap shop, a frites shop, a sex toy shop and a few bars. One bar is packed, and the entire crowd is singing one song...

Ok there weren't quite that many people there, and Noel and Liam weren't playing live, but it still sounded kind of awesome. I suppose I should also say that 80% of the time I hear that song, something ridiculous happens (nothing of note on this trip though...).

At any rate, I am now back, but make no promises of uploading my pics anytime soon, seeings how I still have not uploaded my pics from last summer's Germany and Spain trips. It feels a bit strange to be in my own apartment, and I have to go grocery shopping so I can cook my own food again (I am thrilled at the thought that I will not get a dirty look for using my credit card to pay for something less than 50 Euro... apparently they hate the fees over there). I was channel surfing (glad to see America didn't explode after the DTV conversion) and almost left it on Telemundo because I still find it somewhat odd to hear people on the street speaking English.

Anyway, it's good to be back. Not really looking forward to work tomorrow, but c'est la vie.