04 January 2010

Oh yeah - one more!

In addition to my 2010 resolutions posted earlier today, I have decided that I will now delete Facebook friends if they come up in my news feed and I say "Who the heck is that?" The only exception will be folks who have recently been married*. I already deleted one person today.

Note to friends: If you get married and change your name, can you at least put your old name in parens so I know who you are? Love, me.


  1. The name change thing is especially harsh when you didn't know the person very well to begin with. I mean, if you've never met or heard the last name of the spouse, why are we calling ourselves friends?

    Or, people could stop changing their names when they get married.. It's freaking 2010 already.

  2. Seriously! I don't think I know of anyone whose married name sounds better than their maiden name.

    And I'm pretty sure I've said this like 85 times, but I think your name is one of the MOST AWESOME names of all!