27 August 2012

T-Minus 4 Days

...till I turn 29. Not that excited about it. But hey, more adventures, right?

So. Where am I? This past month has been... I don't even know. Crazy. I came to a few conclusions about life, hosted a good friend while she was back in town and said farewell to my bestie who shipped out to another hemisphere. So where does that leave me now? Not entirely sure.

So, first things first. What have I learned recently? Two things:
1. Life's too short
to worry, to feel bad, to be upset, to dwell on things. There are an infinite number of things in the world that I have absolutely no control over. It does me no good to worry about them, or to get upset about the way they think or act, or to lose sleep over it. A few weeks ago I went to a Brewers game and wore my Rickie Weeks jersey because Rickie is my fave. I went to a bar after the game and a mean old man blew past me in a huff on the sidewalk and turns around and yells back, "Weeks? I can't believe you'd even leave the house with that shirt on!" Rude? Yes. Worth me getting upset about? No. Sports teams are like politicians. Nothing I say or do will ever change a Cubs fan's mind, so it's not really worth arguing about. Was the man rude? Yes. Should he probably have kept that comment to himself, given it was bar time? Yeah. Is it going to keep me from wearing my Rickie jersey any more? NO!

I have encountered a few other rude people in the last few weeks. I won't bother to recount them here because people like that don't need recognition. I'm not letting me keep it up at night.

I have also come to the startling conclusion that neither I nor anyone I know seems to have access to a time machine (at least that they're willing to admit... and let me borrow). I have a coworker who keeps wanting to rehash past events in hopes of changing the present. It won't happen. I'll work on fixing the problem for the future, but getting upset about something that happened in March doesn't mean that the project isn't still in the toilet. I've moved on. Everybody else needs to as well.

2. Everybody hates their job.
Ok, hate is a strong word. Everybody has something they don't like about their job. If it's not an annoying coworker one place, it's a stingy benefits package or long hours at another place. No job is perfect. The key to dealing with it is to find a place where the good outweighs the bad. I'm still confident that my job is a good fit for me. I really enjoy most of it. There are a few things that I don't like about it, but for that... refer to #1.

In other news...
It's been an emotionally reeling month. In addition to realizing #s 1 and 2 above, I spent the last few weeks with my bestie on his farewell tour of the US. Well, it sort of started in Pittsburgh. When we got back, he quit his job, released his apartment, cleaned out his safe deposit box, threw a "Depart-y", and "stored" his TV to my living room (because really, why would someone want to keep it in a damp, dingy storage locker?). Well, he finally got on the plane on Saturday. I talked to him on Gchat today from Hanoi. Apparently his socks were rancid after 36 hours of traveling... what a surprise. I'll miss him. But he's always just a click away.

Also over the last week, my good friend Bridgit was visiting from Germany, where she moved 3 years ago. I love when Bridgit comes back because I miss her and I really enjoy catching up with her, and also because we get to do all of the "American" things that she misses - namely Red Lobster and anything at Mayfair Mall. This year we caught Batman on the IMAX screen there (better than the Ultra Screen at Marcus, IMO), and did a whole bunch of shopping. It was a great (although exhausting) time.

So the Depart-y, plus Bridgit's triumphant return, plus salty popcorn at Wolski's, combined to form an amazing, beer-filled, low-sleep weekend. Top it all off with a postcard from Cape Cod, and I was pretty happy.

And sad, and bittersweet, but mostly happy. And grateful for all of my amazing friends here, there, and everywhere. I hope 29 will be just as good.

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