22 February 2011

Mid (hah, late) February Update

Ok, well at least I'm on track for 1+ post/month. Maybe if you're lucky I'll throw another one up by next Monday. Maybe.

At any rate, what is new? Here's a few:

1. Thanks to Megs, who sadly is moving to San Francisco. I will miss her greatly. But I will think of her every time I use the following things that she donated to my life: Kitchen island, wok (gorgeous, might I add), magazine holders, and a new house plant that is fitting in quite nicely with my cookie jar/liquor shelf/Virgin Mary figurine setup. She also gave me some delicious homemade pickles and dilly beans. Do I detect some jalapeƱo in the pickles??

2. I got new running tights. I'm pretty pumped about these because my old pair will be exactly 13 years old last month (I paid $12 for them in freshman year track... talk about a quality investment!). I also ran 2.4 miles today. go me!

3. Borders is going out of business. We stopped by during lunch today and I got a book about serial killers and an exercise band with a DVD. That's not weird at all, right? Right??

4. I'm going to lunch with Yesh on Thursday before she hops town again. We're going back to the Borders for mission:kids books for the baby shower for Nora next month. I'm kind of excited.

Oh look, I haven't uploaded my NOLA pics yet. Holy cats! 2 posts in one day! Lucky you!

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