13 July 2010

Golf, Vegas, and an attempt to create a somewhat regularly scheduled post.

So oh my gosh! I had 2 posts on 2 consecutive days last week and then go figure! None since then. I think a two-post week followed up by a one-post week (or more? dun Dun DUNNNN!) is pretty darn good!

So I bet you're hoping I have a topic. On the theme of continually disappointing people, I do not. So I'll just tell you some general tidbits on my life:

Tidbit #1: Golf
I haven't golfed since high school. I think I golfed about 5 times in high school and it was part of gym class. I have gotten in many an argument about how golf is not a sport. Some argue that one must practice it. I argue back that I also practice writing - doesn't make it a sport. Some argue that if you walk, it's exercise, and therefore a sport. But exercise does not a sport make. I can spend 30 mins on a stair master, doesn't make it a sport. My definition: golf is accessorized walking (where the accessories are the golf clubs and the funny pants y'all wear).

At any rate, the reason I brought up golf was not, in fact, to start an argument. It was to tell you that I golfed today (filling in for the work golf league) and I didn't do too poorly. Well I did pretty poorly at first, but it improved. Here's my scorecard:

1: F
2: :(
3: 9
4: 6
5: 10
6: 4 (par 3, drove 120 yards!!!)
7: stopped counting
8: 3 (I MADE PAR!!!!!)
9: drove and then left cuz I had to make it to an appointment

The most important part of this story is that I MADE PAR!!! and I DROVE 120 YARDS!!! It kind of blew my mind.

That said, I know I'll golf again. (I hear it's fun when you bring beer....) But I really don't think I'll ever change my mind and start calling it a "sport," sorry guys.

Tidbit #2: Vegas
I'm going to Vegas for work. I leave Saturday. I've never been there before. I'm quite looking forward to it, except the 110-degree forecast for every bleeping day that I'll be there. Anyway, I have 2 days to myself before my boss gets there. Anyone have any suggestions on what to do? I don't really plan to blow a lot on gambling so.... yeah. Ideas are appreciated. Also I've never been to a desert before. I know, bring lots of sunscreen. Anything else? I know, pack good walking shoes. Really though, anything else?

Tidbit #3: umm....
I've got nothing. Now to come up with a catchy title for this post...

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